1- Assembler Code & Jensen Inteceptor “Rotorwerks Ep” Rattleznake “Fold”
2-Umwelt “The Invisible Enemy” Linda 005 “The invisible enemy”
3- The Exaltics “Exodus Ep” feat Egyptian Lover Solar One “Exterminate”
4-Zeta Retícula “Formation of life” Mechatronica “Formation of life “
5- Templebeat “Interzone” Aspecto Humano “Extreme exciting”
6- De Sluwe VOs “A (glitched) love story “ Patron  “when the fields collapsed”
7- Rapha “Room 353” Chateau Royale “Bobale Balev”
8- Dawl “Time to throw down Ep” Craigie Knowes”Drop It”
9- Animistic Beliefs “Molucca Quake” Cultivated Electronics “Molucca Quake”
10- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “Ghosteen” Ghosteen Ltd “Sun Forest”