Hante. – Tomorrow is a New Day [Synth Religion]
Ulwhednar – Transitio [Northern Electronics]
Boston 168 – Flee From Hate [Involve]
Scratch Massive – Pray (Miss Kittin Remix) [Bordel]
Restive Plaggona – Fame Harms [Several Minor Promises]
Underworld – Border Country (Ø[Phase] Dark Room Tension Dub) [Smith Hyde Productions]
Ellen Allien – UFO [UFO Inc]
Agent Side Grinder – Doppelgänger [Progress Productions]
Amotik – Setis [Amotik]
Edit Select – Vault 2017 [Planet Rhythm]
Kwartz – A Tragic End [Pole Group]
NX1 – Bt3 [Bite]
Oscar Mulero – Generator [Warm Up Recordings]
Tensal – Nuclear Navigator [MORD]
Joton – Arcadude [Newrhythmic Recs]
P.E.A.R.L. -Reason [Falling Ethics]
Regal – Nasty Boys [UFO Inc]
Notzing – Circinus [Geométrika FM]
Héctor Oaks – Let it Guide You, Let it Burn You, Obey [OAKS]
Razeed – Dancing in the Eternity [Geométrika FM]
Razeed is a Techno Dj and producer, founder and manager of Geométrika FM. A musical proyect born in 2007, its leitmotiv : Techno to change the world, is a declaration of intent about the idea of uniting Techno music and social compromise.