Mejores discos del año:

Healing Force Project – Sideral Escape -Amenthia recordings

Sarah Davachi & Ariel Kalma ‎– Intemporel – Black sweat records

Varuna– metamorph -amenthia recordings

James Rushford ‎– The Body’s Night – black turffle

The Humble Bee & Off The Sky ‎– All Other Voices Gone, Only Yours
Remains – IIKKI

Acronym & Kali Malone ‎– The Torrid Eye- Stilla Ton

Earthern Sea– shadows – Kimochi

Notchnoi Prospekt «Health Resorts of the Caucasus -Gost Archive

Bnjmn-sensei-Bright Sounds ‎

Jack Burton  ‎– Lake Monger- Analogue Attic

Plants Army revolver-nyambi ep – mental modern

Javonntte -no rush – ten Lovers Music

Jose Rico ‎– Signs of Life- Chubby!

Tomaga ‎– Extended Play 1 -Negative Days-

Aphrodite  ‎– Olympos 05- Olympos ‎

Ideograma-Prayers for the long life 05

Various ‎– Illaunamid EP- Appian Sounds

            Mejores Tracks:
r²π ‎– Recursive -Unità Psicofisica ‎
På Randen Till Vansinne ‎– Ostronfest I Rabbalshede -7685REC
Valentino Mora– Introspection – Amenthia recordings
Jose Rico– Ind soul (Beat for fon) – China@House -Midgar
Estrato Aurora – Icnita – On Board
Paul Hierophant– Phobos -Exalt
Claudio Prc & Andrea Ferlin– Exosphere- mama recordings
Artificial Drm– Forgotten Tribes -Koslif
Simone Bauer – Nereide -Sure thing