Jake Labotz – They’re coming for me
Los Estanques – s/t
Nick Waterhouse-s/t
Leo «Bud» Welch– The Angels In Heaven Done Signed My Name
The Wave Chargers– s/t
The Gold– s/t
Ray Collins Hot Club– When night comes to berlin
Alexis Evans– I’ve come a long way
Les Grys Grys– s/t
Tito Ramírez– The king of mambo


Theo Lawrence– Praire fire
Tt Syndicate – If I ever fall in love again
The James Hunter Six- I can change your mind
The Como Mamas– You’ve got to move
McKinley James – Our love is turning around
Jake Labotz – Hey, bigfoot
Nick Waterhouse – By heart
Daddy Long Legs– Pink Lemonade
The Jay Vons– Keep on moving
Khruangbin&Leon Bridges– Texas Sun